Ravencoin Solutions Provider

       GORAVEN offers public Blockchain solutions to ensure data consistency, transparency, privacy and accurate process execution.

       Turing complete smart contract platforms are slow and difficult to scale. When the platform upgrades you are required to rewrite your contract. Hosting a VM requires you to run everyone else’s contracts. Proof of Stake is questionable. GORAVEN can offer smart contract services by using IPFS and unique features of Ravencoin (non-turing).

       Private Blockchains are nothing but complex data bases. Block producing (adding data) on private Blockchains are controlled by a central party or parties that can cheat. Selling private Blockchain solutions is the practice of selling the most sophisticated instrument to the least sophisticated customer. Public Blockchain’s block producers are random miners that spend electricity to earn block rewards. There is no chance of cheating on a public Blockchian that is highly contested by miners. Please reference glossary if unfamiliar with Blockchain before continuing.

Tracking (Irreversible Status)

Data tampering (fraud) is causing mistrust between partners, loss of business, tarnish of brand, and even loss of life. Businesses have built in fact checking processes that are expensive and manual.

Data can be immutable and verifiable with the invention of public Blockchain.

Key Words
Burn Address – A Ravencoin public key without a private key
Status Token – A Ravencoin asset token

Burn Addresses will be used to represent entities to track (Car, Air Plane, Shipping Container, Person…). 1 Burn Address will represent 1 entity. Unlimited amount of Burn Addresses can be generated. Status Tokens will be used to represent statuses of the business process. Each status token can have 21 billion units. Once a particular status for an entity is meet a unit of the status token will be sent to the burn address. The status token can not be removed from the burn address. This is verifiable by all parties. We host a set of secure API end points to assign burn address to entities, send status token to entites, and much more. We also offer custom API integration services for your CRM, ERP, EMR….

GORAVEN, client and client partners will agree on a list of Ravencoin Asset Tokens (Statuses) to track their entities of common interest.

All data on public Blockchain is viewable by the public. GORAVEN and client will have private data to reference Blockchain data.

Decentralized Option
These are the steps to decentralized this tracking concept and remove GORAVEN.IO from the process. The down side are all parties have to manage a full node, handle Ravencoin and keys.

  • Upload an encrypted file containing list of Burn Addresses (Entities) to IPFS.
  • Upload an encrypted file containing list of Asset Tokens (Status Tokens) and definition of statuses (Operating Agreement) to IPFS.
  • Give partners hash of IPFS file and key to decrypt IPFS files.
  • Setup Ravencoin full node with asset index enabled and sync blockchain.
  • Build Python program to take parameters from IPFS files, Ravencoin full node and execute accordingly on a timed interval.


Public Data Private Reference
RXb9MtXFLyJYaFxb2zuWbipNnXXXVNPhfA ID:100463
TXCFHE_XNT Received Port of Seattle

Sample Use Case 1 (Obscure Status)

Address and Status will be on Ravencoin Blockchain(public information). All fields are stored in our system for client and client partners to reference.

Address Address Reference Status Status Reference Status Owner
RXb9MtXFLyJYaFxb2zuWbipNnXXXVNPhfA MRN:60023467 GR_35463344 ICD-9 250.0 Diagnosis XYZ Hospital Systems
GR_34263778 SSA Disability Approval Level 1 SSA

Sample Use Case 2 (Obscure Status)
Address Address Reference Status Status Reference Status Owner
RXozAFbifhJmEKafQho8dWoRKXXXZYNHnz SoftwarePackage:Air Max 2301 UX6TXCR89J6KL Internal QA 23546 BA
GIX_3234_GH FAA Approval FAA

Sample Use Case 3

Client and client partners do not care if statuses are exposed to the public.

Address Address Reference Address Tag Status Status Owner
RXhnh4whNjaVuYoDoHaauY88EXXXXJBHrx Order Item:100465 GE 25 cu. ft. Side by Size Refrigerator CITY_LIGHT_REBATE_APPROVAL Seattle City Light
RXmQDupvhEGA2JefM5WCCEqogNXXY274Ju Order Item:100466 Samsung Family Hub 27.7 cu. ft. French Door DTEE_REBATE_APPROVAL DTE

Sample Use Case 4 (Obscure Status)
Address Address Reference Status Status Reference Status Owner
RXR5RgNKsy9WdNZJLfCBEsCufoXXRGUCcn ASA:2019010770 KUIXCJN78Y9UK Account Generation American Sailing Association
XJIU7TY4BN4K9 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Seattle Yacht Club
KL7CV8GN42DUX 103 Basic Coastal Cruising Detroit Yacht Club
RX61pyM44aggtPRZLVuD7KmrTXXXVqtJgM ASA:2019010812 KUIXCJN78Y9UK Account Generation American Sailing Association

Smart Contract

      Why host a VM that processes everyone else’s smart contracts (Crypto Kitties) when you can process only what matters to you. In a business venture you should process what benefits you and allow your partners to execute when they full fill their obligations. Your partners will keep you in check by blocking your process until you full fill your obligations. This will work well when all parties share a common interest. If parties are betting against each other then multiple neutral parties (Oracles) can be involved and vote.

Ravencoin released restricted asset features meant for STOs. A token with $ in front is a restricted asset. A token with # in front is a tag token.
You have to send #KYC tag to address XYZ before you can send $MSFT token.

IPFS files (list of addresses, burn addresses, assets tokens, oracle details, operating agreement)
Ravencoin Blockchain

Python file that checks IPFS files and Blockchain data on a timed interval.

if(Burn Address X contain >= 3 vote tokens)//If condition is verified by 3 parties
      send address Z the #unlock tag; //so your partner can send $reward to address Z
      do nothing;

Why Ravencoin

       We choose Ravencoin for the following reasons.

Asset Layer

Meet our needs for Status Token functionality.

Open Source

Open to use and development by any jurisdiction.

Code Fork of Bitcoin

Secure and tested over time. Familiarity with Bitcoin-cli. UTXO account model works. 20x speed of Bitcoin.

Long Term Viability

No owner, no CEO, no office, no marketing budget, no pre-mine, no ICO, and no developer/founder rewards.

Proof Of Work

POW is the proven consensus method to secure public Blockchains.

ASIC Resistant

Ravencoin KAWPOW(ProgPow) consensus algorithm is ASIC Resistant which enables more democratized mining(decentralized coin distribution).


Blockchain Blockchain
Mining Mining
Proof Of Work (POW) Proof Of Work
Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
Ravencoin Ravencoin
API (Application Interface) API


What if a Status Token is sent to a Burn Address by mistake?

Re correlate entity to new Burn Address, all parties will be notified and our system will be updated.

How could we be certain GORAVEN don’t have private keys for Burn Addresses?

You can’t be certain but you can verify on Blockchain. In the unlikely event of a Status Token leaving a Burn Address we can reassign another Burn Address to the Entity. Our business will no longer be valid if this is a regular occurrence.

What if a Burn Address received an unknown token?

Spam Tokens can be sent to any address and will show on Ravencoin Blockchain. This will happen from time to time. Our APIs will only return registered Status Tokens that have been sent to the Burn Address.

How does a 3rd party middle man (GORAVEN) facilitate more trust and decentralization?

We are a technology implementer. Everything we process with our APIs will be visible on the Ravencoin Blockchain. We can also implement solutions to client infrastructure and have no control after release.

Why is GORAVEN needed if Ravencoin is a public Blockchain and anyone can build 2nd layer solutions?

Feel free to develop on Ravencoin but time and money will be saved by using our services. We have expertise in running full nodes and managing wallets. Our set of APIs are developed and tested.

How secure is GORAVEN?

GORAVEN's APIs are https and JWT authentication. Burn Addresses are generated by Python 3.6 with secrets.SystemRandom. Status Tokens will have no monetary value by contract. Only minimal RVN will be available to fuel our transactions. There will be no financial incentive to attack our system. In the unlikely event of losing all units of a Status Token we will create another Status Token and update our system.

API Reference


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