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Revolutionize Your Direct Mail Success.

 Streamlined Workflows for Revenue Maximization

Elevate Your Outreach: Go Raven - Seamlessly Connecting Your Salesforce World to Mailbox Marvels!

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Welcome to the Go Raven app, your ultimate solution for seamless B2C and B2B direct mail, thoughtfully integrated into the Salesforce platform. At Go Raven, we've crafted a native app experience that redefines the direct mail process, offering unparalleled services and features designed to elevate your communication strategy.

About US

Go Raven breaks barriers with its comprehensive direct mail services, catering to both consumer and business-to-business communications. No minimum mail piece requirement, just maximum impact.

Comprehensive B2C and B2B Direct Mail

Go Raven is 100% native to Salesforce, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. Say goodbye to integration woes and embrace the power of direct mail within your CRM.

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Compliant Mailing

Trust in our commitment to compliance. Go Raven provides compliant templates, ensuring your messages meet industry standards effortlessly.

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Transparency at Every Step

Experience 100% transparency on your overall direct mail performance. From creation to delivery, track your campaigns with precision.

Pay-per-Delivery Model

Budget with confidence. Go Raven operates on a pay-only-for-delivered-mails model, offering cost-effectiveness and value for your investment.

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For further information, questions, or to embark on the Go Raven journey, reach out to us via the contact details on your screen. From CRM to mailbox, Go Raven transforms the way you communicate, ensuring your messages reach their destination with precision and impact.


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